Jumat, 27 Juni 2008

Baby Shower Games -- Part 1

Baby Shower Games -- Part 1

Of course, baby showers aren't all about surprises, or gifts or tears of happiness. It's about the baby shower games, too. Your guests shouldn't be treated like the old-fashioned English ladies who sat out in the backyard and sipped tea all day, gossiping about stupid husbands! They need stuff to do, especially if not everyone knows each other.

Choose baby shower games most of your guests will like, and that you know will be fun for them. Also consider the time. If your shower is two hours long, plan not to spend more than 30 to 45 minutes on games. As much as everyone wants to have fun, don't forget that it's the mother-to-be or parents-to-be who are most important, and they might have some things they want to say or do as well.

Let's look at some fun, easy-to-play games for your next bridal shower. We'll start with ice-breakers -- games meant to introduce everyone, get people talking to one another and sharing fun together. Do that, and your baby shower party is already a success. :)

Who Am I?

This is a funny way to get people talking right away. You'll need some stick-on nametags and some magic markers to pass around. Everyone begins by writing the name of a favorite cartoon or children's character, without telling anyone, on their individual nametag and hands them back to you once done. You then shuffle the nametags up and then stick them on each guest's back, so that he or she cannot see it, but others can.

Then one by one, a guest comes to the center and turns around so everyone sees what character they are -- but again, the guest doesn't know! People then start saying things at random like "Oh, I loved you in 'Pinocchio'!" or "I love how you play the violin!" or "You were so brave with that whale!" and the guest eventually figures out he or she is "Jiminy Cricket." A timer is set as the player goes up, and the winner is the one who figures out who he or she is the fastest. :)

I Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

On your baby shower invitations, impress upon all the guests to bring with them a baby picture of themselves. When the game begins, collect all the photos from everyone, and Scotch tape the backs of each one. Then "post" the pictures on a small bulletin board or cork board, and use an index card to identify each one as "1," "2," and so on below the picture.

Allow each guest a chance to view the pictures for five minutes. The guest then sits back down and writes the number and the first name of the person they think the picture shows on another index card, and hands it back to you. The one with the most correct guesses wins. :)

Like I said, these are games specifically designed for the wallflowers or the quiet bystanders at parties. It's a chance to get everyone talking, laughing and having fun. Isn't that what a baby shower party should be all about? :)